Enjoy the adventure of searching for new passages

Speleology can be a rewarding, safe, and fun activity when you are properly trained, equipped, and prepared. People visit caves for many reasons, but mainly for pleasure or science. A cave is a natural void under the earth’s surface, and most caves are formed in the soluble rock, usually limestone. A solution cave is formed over millions of years when rock is dissolved by slightly acidic water. 

Some caves have passages that extend for tens of miles, but most caves are much shorter. Often, they contain streams, lakes, waterfalls, pits, or high domed ceilings. Some caves exist entirely underwater and others have extensive submerged passages.

Caves provide a transitory or permanent sanctuary for a range of flora and fauna. The variety of life in a cave is small and the ecosystem is far more fragile than most of those on the surface.

Since prehistoric times, caves have served as homes, burial grounds, and religious sites. Unlike most other environments, the nearly constant temperature and humidity of a cave can preserve some of our most sensitive archaeological and cultural sites for millennia.

For a one-day activity

    • arrival to the base camp
    • breakfast – speleological tour – lunch
    • rest – departure

For a multi-day activity

    • arrival to the base camp in the evening hours – dinner – rest
    • breakfast – speleological tour – lunch – free time – dinner – rest
    • breakfast – free time – departure

The program for activity tour looks like this:

    • 10:00 – 11:00| gathering of all participants – meeting with the guides – when all participants arrive we leave for the start point of the tour
    • 11:00 – 11:30| transport of all participants from the base camp to the start point of the tour
    • the start point of the tour – handing out equipment and preparing for the tour – briefing and start of the tour 

    • after the tour, you return your equipment – you may take a shower at the camp and receive your video from the tour


speleological tour

  • The minimum number of participants for the implementation of the arrangement is 4 people or you can join an existing group.

What to bring?

    • You should bring with you swimming suits, towels and warm clothes for the evening.
    • Bring your passports or IDs, and make sure you have a green card for your vehicle. 
    • Bring sun creme and sunglasses.
    • We will give you all the necessary equipment.

About safety

    • All tours are available for children above the age of six (6)
    • Let us know if you are not a swimmer or if you suffer of
      fear of heights.
    • Also, if you have some kind of medical issue, let us know

Accommodation and food

    • Overnight stay in wooden bungalows with or without bath.
    • Food is organic and it is prepared in our traditional way

How we can pay for our activity?

    • You can pay in Euros, we do not accept credit cards.

The price includes:

If you cannot find the appropriate program, please contact us via phone or e-mail and we will do our best to meet your needs and arrange a special program for you.