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Tara OUTDOOR Adventure is a company founded by true nature lovers and offers a unique adventure in Montenegro and Bosnia for nature enthusiasts. We will help you to make a decision and turn your imagination into reality. Our offers: Tara Rafting, Canyoning Nevidio, Hiking and Trekking, Horseback riding, Cruising, Speleology tour, Rock climbing, Mountain biking, and ZIPLINE are given as a one or more days arrangements.

"Tear of Europe"

Tara River Canyon is 1.300m deep, making it the deepest river canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world after Grand Canyon. Known as ‘Tear of Europe’ is one of the world’s ’must-do’ in the world of rafting. From May to October, the journey down the deepest European canyon can be done in one day or over for several days and can be 20 to 90 kilometers long.

The shorter tour, from Brštanovica to Šćepan polje, where the Tara flows into the Piva, is only several hours long.

The Tara has around fifty rapids in total, whereas this part of the river has twenty-one. Sailing in rubber rafts is just as wild as this unpredictable river. The longer tour offers a whole array of wonderful surprises. Rafters have a chance to experience sudden adrenaline floating down the rapids but also get a tremendous opportunity to observe the surrounding waterfalls, confluences, bridges, rocks, forests, and secluded beaches.

DURMITOR – is the grandest and the most magnificent mountain in Southeast Europe.

This Montenegrin titan is Mother Nature’s masterpiece, one of the last untouched natural oases in Europe. It boasts a great number of lakes and evergreen forests, which take tourists to breathe away. Fast-flowing rivers created beautiful relief. Tara Canyon, with a depth of 1300m is the deepest canyon in Europe. National Park Durmitor with Tara River canyon is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a natural property of extraordinary value. The plateau in the northwest of Montenegro is decorated with beautiful canyons and 48 jagged peaks.

The highest summit is Bobotov Kuk at 2523m. 

Hiking trails lead through the thick beech or pine forests, the stream, river, and the old mills, through the high grass and over sharp stones, through wild strawberry fields, to the edges of deep canyons and peaks more than two thousands meters high. Hiking tours range from short, simple, to the most demanding, for the most prepared and the most persistent. Montenegro is a perfect choice for tourists looking for a relaxing stay in untouched nature, as well as those searching for an exciting action-packed weekend or a short stay by the sea or in the mountains. The possibilities are endless.